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“Being creative” by Davy Bergier


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Being creative is seeing the same thing as everybody else but thinking of something different.
mathematician, Grand Chef, Artisan, musician, engineer, scientist or even simple walker as Jean-Jacques Rousseau was;they have offered and still offers us an unlimited  ways of thinking, créations and ideas. Like the colour spectrum from the black to the white,all nuances in between are infinite. Let’s slide in it, let’s share it. As a modest two-legged human creator I am thankful to have this passion for these nuances. I have always been convinced until this day, and I am writing it again, what we call the “sacred” talent is only the desire to do, the strength of will. Art? I don’t know what it is. Artists, I don’t know. But there’s people working on something with a lot of energy. All about simply love.
Writing your own creative scenario and changing it anytime you want.
Considering that we just have one life, isn’t it a beauty to devote yourself to this infinite spectrum, named creation.
What do you think?
I do.

Mr. D